Mercedes-Benz Planning New 311-Mile Range EV

According to a recent report citing Mercedes-Benz chief of development Thomas Weber, the automaker currently is working on bringing to market a plug-in vehicle capable of making a 311-mile trip on a single charge. Forget for a minute just how ridiculously incredible that number would be in real life and consider what a massive step this would be for a brand working its hardest to break into green driving technology that continues to change the world of automobiles as we know it.


When it comes to today’s EVs, many consumers absolutely are thrilled when they get their hands on a model capable of doing 100 miles on a single charge, mostly because that’s more than enough miles to cover the overwhelming majority of people’s daily commutes, but obviously that 100 miles per charge mark isn’t as easy as engineers always have hoped it would be.


Making it to well over 300 miles per charge would be a fantastic feat of engineering that, quite frankly, would put that new Mercedes-Benz EV at the head of its class. Not only because of what it would offer in terms of range but also because of the reliability, technology, and performance people associate with Mercedes-Benz, anyway. It would be, really and truly, a completely well-rounded vehicle.


Knowing all this, we’re still quite a ways away from actually having a real-life automobile to drive for 311 miles without stopping for a charge. Still, it’s great to know that Mercedes-Benz is working so hard to put out the best in green technology without sacrificing any of the other things that make the brand great. As your Mercedes-Benz dealership in Carlsbad, we look forward to learning more about this exciting new model, and we’ve got a good feeling that customers are too.

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