Top Luxury SUVs List Includes 2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

There are plenty of automotive consumers who incorrectly believe that a luxury SUV has to either be lavish and gorgeous or gritty and hard-working, but the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class continues to prove that the right automobile can do both things with success and aplomb.

If you don't believe us, then simply turn your attention to Kelley Blue Book's recent list of the 10 Best Luxury SUVs for the current model year, which features the new GL-Class among its top-rated automobiles. The list, which simply pulls from its staff's opinions about the industry's most prestigious SUVs, features plenty of the competition, but nearly all of them look up at the GL-Class, which finished among the top two.

A major reason for its high positioning on the list is the fact that it can be both luxurious and tough. The luxury comes in the form of high-quality interior materials and myriad creature comforts that can include everything from a sunroof to leather seats that just so happen to include built-in massagers. On the other hand, the vehicle also packs a powerful engine capable of towing upwards of 7,500 pounds, and for those that want even more muscle there's even a high-performance AMG® trim available, too.

Frankly, Mercedes-Benz put together a gem the day they finished designing this particular SUV, and our most loyal customers regale us with tales of its capabilities all the time. We're thrilled to see it show up on a list like this because it really is one of the best luxury SUVs in the business. It's just nice to see a respected publication like agree with us.
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