Mercedes-Benz Debuts Slick, Ultra-Efficient Minivan

For going on a decade now, the family vehicle of choice has been the crossover utility vehicle for a whole slew of obvious reasons: maneuverability, efficiency, aesthetics. There really haven't been many people that have found themselves wondering why they dumped their old minivan for a new Mercedes-Benz CUV, but believe it or not the industry is starting to turn toward that boxy old people-pusher as the family vehicle of choice. A luxury automaker like Mercedes-Benz upping the cool factor of the minivan, however, would go a long way toward really emphasizing that resurgence.

Case in point would be the new Mercedes-Benz Concept V-ision E, which combines truly lavish furnishings with elite fuel efficiency to help return the minivan to desirability.

If, for example, we here at Hoehn Motors, Inc. told you that a Mercedes-Benz minivan would feature nappa leather seats, a real wood floor, two sunroofs and executive seats, would your interest be piqued? What about if we told you that the vehicle would feature an electric hybrid drivetrain that could travel for up to 31 miles without using a single drop of gasoline, yet still push out 333 hp and a top speed of 128 mph?

We're guessing you'd start looking at your crossover and asking how come it can't do all of that. We're also assuming you'd start wondering why minivans couldn't have been that cool the whole time. What have automakers been waiting for? It's not an easy question to answer, but all that matters now is that things have changed for the better, and the minivan will soon be a viable family vehicle option for luxury shoppers.

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