Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid Coming Soon

Of all the things that Mercedes-Benz has rolled out this month at the Detroit Auto Show, we here at Hoehn Motors, Inc have been particularly excited by the idea of the Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid. The reality is that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles are among the best-selling cars in our stable, and adding another powertrain option would do nothing to slow it down.

Speaking of slowing down, perhaps the coolest thing we learned about this car was that it will not, in fact, be slow, despite the fact that plenty of plug-in hybrids before it have boasted rather sluggish engines. Not true for this upcoming car, as it combines a turbocharged four-cylinder engine (208 hp, 258 lb-ft of torque) with an electric motor (80 hp, 251 lb-ft of torque) to make for a powertrain that can put out a really impressive 275 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. In all seriousness, that's awesome power for a hybrid. There aren't many out there that can blast from zero-to-60 in just 5.9 seconds.

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, we don't yet know just how much gas it will save at the pump but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be significant. This upcoming vehicle is just further evidence of our favorite luxury brand's commitment to developing alternative fuel vehicles without sacrificing any of the luxury or power they're famous for.

Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as the traditional C350, which is great news for anyone who ends up buying this hybrid. One of the most lavish cars in its segment, the C-Class is a true winner, and now it's got another powertrain offering.

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