Mercedes-Benz Shatters Old Sales Record

In case you hadn't heard, 2014 was a pretty incredible year for auto sales across the board, but Mercedes-Benz had an especially strong record-breaking year that, quite frankly, is something Mercedes-Benz dealers all over the country are extremely proud about.

The sales figures are mind-boggling; following up on what was then a record-breaking 2013, the 2014 calendar year ended with 330,391 Mercedes-Benz models sold, a huge 5.7% boost over the previous year's similarly impressive haul.

"The past year brought key milestones for Mercedes-Benz on both the product and customer service fronts," said Stephen Cannon, president and CEO of MBUSA. "Capped by another round of record sales, we're more aligned than ever in pairing a 'best or nothing' model lineup with the best ownership experience in the business."

Both passenger cars and light trucks saw increases this year, with the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class proving to be the most successful of them all. Totally redesigned for the new model year, it saw massive success, selling 75,065 units all on its own. Throw in the 66,400 units that the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class racked up and you're looking at about 43% of the sales this year from just the two best-selling models.

Those two maybe have set the pace, but all Mercedes-Benz cars (and dealerships) chipped in to make this big year happen. We can't express just how thrilled we really are, but we’re hoping that the 2015 calendar year ends up just as successful.

It's a lot to ask considering the last two years have been record-breaking years, but we're still going to hope for it all the same.
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