Mercedes-Benz Sees Huge Boost in Interest Following New Ad

The most recent Super Bowl was broadcast to a record 114.5 million homes earlier this month, which is an impressive number long before one considers how many people were huddled around those 114.5 million televisions to watch what amounted to a pretty thrilling game.

This is important to Mercedes-Benz because it means that their hit commercial "Fable" was seen by literally tens of millions of people, which obviously is the whole reason that they created this 60-second spot during the Big Game in the first place.

That exposure is all good, particularly when the commercial inspires consumers to look more into the product being advertised – a new 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT S, in this instance – and this year we have physical evidence that the spot did its job. Specifically, AutoTrader searches for the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz vehicle saw an unbelievable 3,107% boost following the ads TV debut, while Kelley Blue Book has experienced a 950% boost in interest.

Those numbers are pretty significant, as it proves that the commercial did its job. The increases are particularly impressive when one considers that Mercedes-Benz views the new AMG® GT S as a pretty exclusive automobile. Despite that, people are still curious about it, which is why there have been so many online searches for more information about the gorgeous performance coupe.

As your Mercedes-Benz dealership, we can say with certainty that we're very excited about the eventual arrival of this automobile, mostly because we've already seen how interested people are in it. One has to think that with early buzz like this, the AMG® GT S is destined to do quite well once it releases later in the year.

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