Mercedes-Benz To Add HERE Navigation to Future Vehicles

It’s almost impossible to remember a time where getting lost behind the wheel of a vehicle was even possible, but thanks to modern navigation systems it’s likely that children growing up right now will never know the anxiety of deciding whether or not to stop and ask for directions or whether to keep driving with the hopes of stumbling across a destination.


Turn-by-turn directions with real-time updates have literally made it impossible to get lost, and that is such an amazing thing when we all stop and really think about it. It gets even more amazing with the Nokia HERE navigation software, which Daimler AG recently acquired in conjunction with a couple of other German automakers.


This particular navigation service has been one of the most respected in the industry for years, mostly because it provides everything a consumer could want out of such an amenity. Its accuracy is pinpoint, for example, even in big cities, which means those older GPS systems that got confused amid the tall buildings would pale in comparison to HERE. All the maps are updated as soon as the roads are, but even those updates aren’t as instantaneous as the traffic and road conditions updates, which are crowd-sourced and represented on the maps as soon as other users update them.


As your Mercedes-Benz dealer, we’re very excited to know that every new Mercedes-Benz vehicle soon will be offered with this amazing navigation service in the not-too-distant future. With the purchase finalizing in early 2016, it could actually be only a matter of months before drivers reap the benefits of the acquisition. It’s a wonderful navigation system, as it allows us to bask in the opportunity to never get lost again!

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